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In the last two decades, awareness of local, national and international environmental problems has been increasing. Policy-making at all levels - from the international 1992 Earth Summit at Rio to the development of local responses in the Local Agenda 21 process - has reflected these concerns.

The significance of such environmental problems has led to growing academic interest in human understandings of the natural environment, and how far such understandings shape human behaviour. In practical terms, improved knowledge of the values and beliefs held by people from different cultures should lead to more effective local and international cooperation in environmental affairs.

WORLDVIEWS: ENVIRONMENT, CULTURE, RELIGION is a new international academic journal which seeks to explore the environmental understandings, perceptions and practices of a wide range of different cultures and religious traditions. WORLDVIEWS: ENVIRONMENT, CULTURE, RELIGION will adopt an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on contributions from a range of discipline areas including anthropology, environmental studies, geography, philosophy, religious studies, sociology and theology. Articles will be considered which explore the interaction of humans and the natural environment from perspectives that may be either within or outside particular religious and cultural traditions.

CEP - November 28, 1999