Visiting Speakers in 2004


Robert Frodeman

University of Colorado

The Policy Turn in
Environmental Philosophy

February 6, 2004

Brian Schroeder

Rochester Institute
of Technology

Politics, the Political,
and the Environment

February 13, 2004

Michael Nelson

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Are Environmentalists Hypocrites?
Ethics, Actions, and the Concept of Hypocrisy

February 20, 2004

Victoria Davion

University of Georgia

Itch Scratching, Patio Building, and Pesky Flies: Biocentric Individualism Revisted

February 27, 2004

Willima Jordan III

New Academy for Nature and Culture

Crisis and Creation: The Three Values of Ecological Restoration

February 27, 2004

Sid Goodloe

Carrizo Valley Ranch

Watershed Rehabilitation and
Management in the Southwest

March 5, 2004

Gary Nabhan and Tony Norris

Northern Arizona University

Storytelling in Open Lands Protection
and Local Food Systems

March 12, 2004

Louke van Wensveen

Independent Scholar

Dirty Virtues: Human Character
and the Environment

April 26, 2004

Victoria Harrison Carter

University of Colorado

Internal Realism and Religious Plurality

April 30, 2004

Alan Carter

University of Colorado

Biodiversity and All that Jazz

April 30, 2004

Glenn Graber

University of Tennessee

The Rights and Wrongs of Human Cloning

September 13, 2004

Holmes Rolston, III

Colorado State University

Caring For Nature: From fact to value; from respect to reverence

October 11, 2004

Pandu Hegde

Environmental Ethics in Practice: Sharing experiences of a grassroots environmental movement in South India

October 21, 2004



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