Visiting Speakers in 2003

David Taylor

University of North Texas

Language in the Landscape: Possibilities for Literature in Environmental Work

February 14, 2003

Teresa Kwiatkowska

Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa

Chance, Change, and
Environmental Ethics

February 21, 2003

Gene Hargrove

University of North Texas

On Environmental Value Education

February 28, 2003

René Boomkens

University of Groningen

The Myth of Globalization

March 25, 2003

Gijs van Oenen

Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Globalizing Power and Testimonial Politics

April 1, 2003

Allan Savory

Center for Holistic Management

Toward a Brighter Future:
Biodiversity through Holistic Management

April 4, 2003

Mark Sagoff

Institute of Philosophy and Public Policy, University of Maryland

This Side of the Phenomena:
Kant and Ecology

What does Willingness to Pay Measure? Value in Use and Exchange

April 9, 2003

Murray Journeay

Natural Resources Canada

Navigating Pathways toward
a Sustainable Future

April 11, 2003

Steve Windhager

Lady Bird Johnson
Wildflower Center

Alumni Appreciation Day Honoree:
A Conversation with
the Graduate Students

April 11, 2003

Jozef Keulartz

Wageningen University

Concepts of Nature as Communicative Devices

April 25, 2003

Clare Palmer

Lancaster University

Madness and Animality in Michel Foucault's Madness and Civilization

October 23, 2003

Kate Rawles

Free-Lance Lecturer and Consultant

Outdoor Environmental Ethics

November 20, 2003



 CEP - PHIL - UNT - October 24, 2003