Visiting Speakers in 2001

Michiel Korthals

Applied Philosophy

Wageningen University

January 26, 2001

A Multi-Practices Ethics
Domesticated and

Steven Vogel

Department of Philosophy

Denison University

February 9, 2001

The Nature of Artifacts

Bill Lawson

Philosophy Department

Michigan State University

February 23, 2001

Liberal Theory and Urban Environmental Justice

Richard Grusin

Department of Philosophy

Georgia Institute of Technology

March 7, 2001

Reproducing Nature: The Technology of National Parks

Jim Karr

Department of Zoology

University of Washington, Seattle

April 20, 2001

Protecting Ecological Health: The 21st-Century Challenge

Chris Drury

Land Artist

Lewes, East Sussex

April 23, 2001

In the Nature of Things

Jaime Armin Mejía

Department of English

Southwest Texas State University,
San Marcos

April 27, 2001

From Philosophy to
Mexican-American Literature

Christopher Preston

Department of Philosophy

University of South Carolina

October 16, 2001

The Necessity of Narrative in Environmental Ethics?

Steve Whisenant

Department of Rangeland
Ecology and Management

Texas A&M University

October 31, 2001

Ecological Restoration
in the Real World

Rick Turner

The Nature Conservancy of Texas

November 14, 2001

Setting Priorities through
Ecoregional Conservation Planning

Dennis J. Schmidt

Villanova University

November 27, 2001

"Like a fire
that consumes
all before it...."

Edward S. Casey

SUNY Stony Brook

December 3, 2001

Between Geography and Philosophy: What does iIt Mean to Inhabit the Place-World?



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