The Native Philosophy Project at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario is proud to introduce a new journal, Ayaangwaamizin: International Journal of Indigenous Philosophy, a refereed academic journal. It is the first journal devoted to the examination of Indifenous philosophy. Its existence is a recognition of the growing number of Indigenous scholars. who are engaged in critically examining philosophical ideas and concepts in their own cultural traditions, in doing comparative studies of Indigenous and non-Indigenous philosophies, and in examining the influence of Indigenous philosophical thought on the dominant culture.

Ayaangwaamizin is published twice yearly through editorial offices in Canada and the United States. In order to truly reflect Indigenous thought, the editors are both Indigenous philosophers, and all papers are refereed by Indigenous people. The Advisory Board consists predominantly of Indigenous people. The intended scope of the journal is broadly international. Recognizing that philosophical thought can be a dimension of other disciplines, the journal welcomes philosophically oriented articles from other disciplines such as law, anthropology, political science, literature, and religious studies.

Logo: "Anishnabe World View": drawing by Anishnabe artist Amoco Allen Angeconeb


Lakehead University
Northern Regional Studies Committee for the Native Philosophy Project
Thunder Bay

Editorial Staff

Dennis McPherson, Editor
Indigenous Learning
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON

 Lee Hester, Editor
American Indian Studies
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
1727 West Alabama
Chickasha, OK

Advisory Board

Leslie Armor

University of Ottawa
Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology

Jim Cheney
University of Wisconsin--Waukesha

Clara Sue Kidwell
University of Oklahoma

Beatrice Medicine
California State University--Northridge, Emerita

Brad Morse
University of Ottawa

J. Douglas Rabb

Lakehead University

Beth J. Singer
Brooklyn College, Emerita

Georges E. Sioui
Saskatchewan Indian Federated College

Anne Waters
T-VI Community College--Albuquerque

Jace Weaver
Yale University

Robert A. Williams, Jr.
University of Arizona

How to Subscribe

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Individuals: $33 in Canadian funds
Institutions: $53 in Canadian funds

Add $13 in Canadian funds for overseas subscriptions

Payable by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Money Order, Purchase Order (Purchase orders are not acceptable for overseas orders} to:

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CEP - July 10, 2002