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Volume I: Space, Place, and Environmental Ethics

The heart of the Society for Philosophy and Geography is the interaction between Philosophers and Geographers on issues of mutual interest. It is clear from even a cursory understanding of both disciplines that environmental ethics is a topic at the heart of fruitful exchange between these two disciplines. Given the well established interest in this topic by geographers and philosophers alike, and the lacunae of existing work in this area which has attempted to even bring these two disciplines together in the same publication, there are good reasons for the first volume of this series to focus on this the environment.

The Norwegian environmental philosopher Sigmund Kvaløy has argued that we theorists "should strive to be as wide in scope as the attack on the life struggle of the ecosystem and human society is today." The papers in this volume contribute to an attempt to meet this challenge by providing interdisciplinary approaches to environmental problems. But rather than trying to write papers which bridge the disciplines of philosophy and geography, authors have been encouraged to write articles that would be of interest to philosophers, geographers, and others, without sacrificing scholarly merit. Each of the contributions are securely ground within a rigorous disciplinary tradition. Authors investigate normative questions about environmental issues through different approaches: some theoretical, others empirical, and some which have come up with innovative methods of combining the two. The result is a unique collection of papers which demonstrates how the study of environmental problems is strengthened by reading, commenting on, and taking up each others' work.


On the Ethical Determination of Geography: A Kantian Prolegomenon
Robert Burch, Philosophy, University of Alberta

Nature's Presence: Reflections on Healing and Domination
Eric Katz, Philosophy, New Jersey Institute of Technology

The Takings Clause and the Meaning of Land
Zev Trachtenberg, Philosophy, University of Oklahoma

Muslim Contributions to Geography and Environmental Ethics
James L. Wescoat, Geography, University of Colorado

The Dialectical Social Geography of Elisee Reclus
John Clark, Philosophy, Loyola University, New Orleans

The Maintenance of Natural Capital: Motivations and Methods
Clive L. Spash, Land Economy, Cambridge University & Adam M. Clayton, Policy Analysis and Development, University of Edinburgh

Wilderness Management
Roger Paden, Philosophy, George Mason University

Mead and Heidegger: The Ethics and Theory of Space, Place, & Environment
Eliza Steelwater, Urban & Regional Planning, University of Illinois

Critical Reflections on Biocentric Environmental Ethics
Roger King, Philosophy, University of Maine

Ecology, Modernity, and the Intellectual Legacy of the Frankfurt School
Matthew Gandy, Geography, University of Sussex

Critical Questions in Envionrmental Philosophy
Annie L. Booth, Environmental Studies, University of Northern British Columbia

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Deadlines and Topics for Forthcoming Volumes and Submission Guidelines:

Volume II: Public Space - Forthcoming, November 1997

Volume III: The Meaning of Place - September 15, 1997

Volume IV: Aesthetics of Everyday Life - September 15, 1998

Papers on both of these topics, broadly construed, are encouraged. Authors should aim for manuscripts of 10,000 words, including bibliography. Shorter and longer manuscripts will be considered, but only extraordinary circumstances will justify acceptance of manuscripts of less than 6,000 or more than 12,000 words. Send three copies of the manuscript, double spaced, to one of the editors. Authors should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. All notes should be printed at the end of the manuscript, double spaced. A detailed submission and style guide is available by e-mail. Contact Andrew Light at

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