An Interdisciplinary Journal Dedicated to the
Philosophical Aspects of Environmental Problems


The major journal in this field, and where most of the important papers are published.... Makes most environmentalish magazines ... seem like glossy 4-H club bulletins.

--The Whole Earth Review

This journal ... is without doubt the leading forum for serious philosophical work in environmental philosophy. The articles tend to be of high scholarly caliber, although accessible to non-philosophers as well.... Many of the leading authors in this new field have published their work in this journal.... An excellent source--highly recommended.

--Green Earth Observer

Interest in environmental philosophy is growing: college courses are being offered and books published on the subject. In documenting this philosophic approach, Environmental Ethics gives careful readers new ways to consider and understand environmental issues.

--The Bear Essential

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CEP - EnvEthics - May 24, 2010 Winner of the for April 1997.