University of North Texas

hosts an

Earth Day

2 to 8 p.m., Thursday

April 22, 1999

Environmental Education, Science
and Technology Building

The public can enjoy a variety of Earth Day festivities at the Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building on the University of North Texas campus at the corner of Avenue C and Hickory. Prior to Earth Day, beginning on Saturday, April 17, a series of lectures, conferences, and exhibits are scheduled. Refer to the calendar for more information concerning these events.

Earth Day Schedule

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  • NASA astronaut, Mario Runco, Jr. has spent 551 hours in space and will share his experiences with Earth Day participants several times throughout the day. At 6:15 Runco will present a slide show on the mysteries of our solar system

  • There will be environmental booths on display from local environmental agencies, businesses and organizations, free planetarium shows every half hour, free food and beverages, door prizes, a dunking booth, the "Wings on Eagles" exhibit and much more.

  • Children can learn how to be astronomers by looking at sun spots through special telescopes. They can also enjoy parrot show sponsored by Rainforest Cafe and can participate in duck races for a chance to win a science kit. Kids can also participate in bug studies, seed planting, leaf painting, clay modeling, face painting and more.

  • For entertainment, adults and children can enjoy a variety of musical sounds ranging from acoutistic guitar to the didgeridoo, a musical instrument that makes naturelike sounds, to the funky sound of Denton band, Abner Doubleday.

  • Catch up on designs of environmentally conscious vehicles like the Hybrid Toyota car which runs on a combination of gas and electricity, or check out the Solar Car from the Winston School and the CoolN2Car from UNT which runs on liquid nitrogen.

  • Learn more about the physical world and principals by watching demonstrations such as, Double Ball Drop, Liquid Nitrogen & Balloons and Seat of Nails, given by the Mean Green Physics Team.

  • Earth Day celebratants can do more than celebrate Earth Day, they can be a part of the festivities and bring their recyclable goods (paper, glass, aluminum and textiles) to the bins at the EESAT Building.

  • "The spirit of this Earth Day celebration is to bring together people from all sectors of the community so that we can celebrate our environment and develop relationships to preserve it," said Ken Dickson, Director of the Institute of Applied Sciences.

  • Kiersten Dieterle, public communications coordinator for Denton Municipal Utilities, expressed her positive views on partnering with the EESAT team on this year's Earth Day activities. "It's a great opportunity for both organizations to partner together to help promote environmental education and awareness in Denton."

Earth Day Schedule

 Earth Week Calendar

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