Future Trends in Environmental Philosophy

May 31 to June 3, 2005 

A Joint Conference of the

 International Society for Environmental Ethics

    and the  


 International Association for Environmental Philosophy

Sponsored by the  

Conference Program

Tuesday, May 31st

7-9 pm:
Environmental Virtue Ethics
Phil Cafaro (Colorado State University)
Holmes Rolston III (Colorado State University)
Ronald Sandler (Northeastern University)

Wednesday, June 1st

9-10 am
Thomas Nail (Oregon), "Merleau Ponty and the Metaphysics of Virtual Reality: Flesh or Nature Machine?"
Comments by Carl Mitcham (Colorado School of Mines)

Elisa Aaltola (Turku, Finland), "Personhood and Animals:  Three Approaches"
Comments by Marc Bekoff (Biology, Colorado)

Aristotle, Foster, and Katz on Environmental Ethics
Sarah Kenehan (Tennessee), "Reconsidering Foster's Aristotelian Environmental Ethic"
Keith Bustos (Tennessee), "The Nature of Artifacts: An Aristotelian Response to Katz"
Comments by Ralph Acampora (Hofstra)

7-9 pm
Environmental Philosophy and Public Policy
Robert Frodeman (North Texas), Eugene Hargrove (North Texas), Dale Jamieson (New York University)

Thursday, June 2

9-10 am
Paul Moriarty (Longwood State), "Nature Naturalized:  A Darwinian Defense of the Nature/Culture Distinction"
Comments by Darren Domsky (Auburn)

Petra Andersson ( Goteborg, Sweden), "Is Genetic Engineering Unnatural?"
Comments by Adam Briggle (Colorado)

Normativity in Environmental Ethics
Avram Hiller (North Carolina), "A Quasi-Realist Environmental Ethic"
Vicki Weafer (Columbia), "A Biological Critique of Natural Normativity"
Comments by Katie McShane (North Carolina State)

Friday, June 3

9-10 am

William Throop & Rebecca Purdom (Green Mountain College), "Wilderness Restoration:  The Paradox of Public Participation"
Comments by Amy Knisley (Colby-Sawyer)

Ben Hale (NYU), "Crossing the Property Line
Comments by Sandy Askland (ASU)

Environmental Aesthetics: 
Ned Hettinger (College of Charleston), "Objectivity in Environmental Aesthetics and Environmental Protection"
Jason Simus (North Texas), "Aesthetic Implications of the New Paradigm in Ecology"
Comments by Dan Sturgis (Colorado)

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