the Land Ethic

A Lecture by Buddy Huffaker
Executive Director, Aldo Leopold Foundation

September 14, 1999
7:00 p.m.

For fifty years,
the land ethic of Aldo Leopold
has been the inspiration and academic
foundation of environmental philosophy.
Huffaker discusses ways to put the
land ethic into action.

Buddy Huffaker has overseen all land conservation activities for the Aldo Leopold Foundation since 1996. In 1999 he became the Executive Director of the Foundation. Buddy did his master's work at the University of Illinois, monitoring prairie restorations and assessing various sampling techniques. He has worked as an educator, has been a private landscape architect and designer, and has served as a field ecologist for the Nature Conservancy in Illinois.

The Aldo Leopold Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by the children of Aldo Leopold, keeps his legacy alive by promoting the "Land Ethic" he so eloquently defined. The Foundation engages in ecological restoration, environmental education, land preservation, and scientific research on the 1,400 acre Leopold Memorial Reserve in central Wisconsin and surrounding landscapes. The centerpiece of the reserve is the original Leopold sand county farm and "Shack."

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