Choice, April 1984

The interdisciplinary nature of this refereed journal is demonstrated by its association, at the University of Georgia, with the Departments of Philosophy and Religion, the Center for Continuing Education, and the newly formed Faculty of Environmental Ethics. The articles include such topics as animal liberation, Heidegger and the environment, Taoism and ecology, land use attitudes, Marxism and the environment, endangered species, and--an actual title--"The Rights of the Subhuman World." The arguments reflect the speculations of applied phiilosophy and could be followed by upper-level undergraduates with some introduction to critical thinking; the articles are not in any way, however, the sort found in newsstand magazines. The editor has a PhD in philosophy, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1974. His publication credits are extensive, with papers ranging from Wittgenstein to land use. He includes a packet of explanatory material with his review copies, and interested libraries should send for this material. The journal has been produced with obvious care, with wide margins, abstracts for each article, and a neat typographical layout. A cumulative index, 1979-83, concludes Volume 5. Indexed in: Humanities Index, Philosopher's Index, Religious and Theological Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, Sociological Abstracts, and more than ten other specialized indexes.

Note: Since this review was written, the journal has moved to the
The University of North Texas.

EnvEthics - December 18, 1995