Special Issue of Inquiry

A special issue of the journal INQUIRY has just been published on "Arne Naess's Environmental Thought." Guest Editors are Andrew Light and David Rothenberg.


Harold Glasser, "Naess's Deep Ecology Approach and Environmental Policy"

John Clark, "How Wide is Deep Ecology?"

Michael Vincent McGinnis, "Deep Ecology and the Foundations of Restoration"

Knut A. Jacobsen, "Bhagavadgita, Ecosophy T, and Deep Ecology"

Deane Curtin, "A State of Mind Like Water: Ecosophy T and the Buddhist Traditions"

David Rothenberg, "No World but in Things: The Poetry of Naess's Concrete Contents"

Andrew Light, "Callicott and Naess on Pluralism"

The volume was compiled as a tribute to Naess's 85th birthday.

The single-issue-price for the volume is US$36.00 + postage. Orders may be placed directly at ala@scup.no.

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CEP - August 23, 1996