"Thinking Green: Ecofeminists and the Greens"

VHS 35:00 minutes

Produced by Greta Gaard (1994)

Seeking answers to the social and ecological crises we face as a society, scholars and activists have come to the same conclusion: we must begin by thinking ecologically. We must begin by thinking Green.

In the last decade, two movements for social and ecological justice have quietly gathered strength. What do these movements have in common? How might they work in coalition?

To explore these questions, independent videographer and Associate Professor Greta Gaard spent six months travelling and interviewing Ecofeminists and Greens during the summer and fall of 1993. From Hawai'i to Maine, activists and scholars described their analyses of the current social and ecological crises, and their strategies for social transformation. This video is the first of three documentaries to be produced from those interviews. To supplement those videos, a book titled Ecological Politics: Ecofeminism and the Greens is forthcoming from Temple University Press.

In 35 minutes, "Thinking Green" offers a succinct introduction to the Ecofeminist and Green movements in the United States. It is intended for activists and educators alike, to stimulate discussion and to provide a wider sense of community.

Speakers featured:

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