Phyllis Glazer

Houston Chronicle reporter Clifford Pugh described Phyllis Glazer as "an apolitical housewife turned into an environmental crusader with an unstoppable mission in Winona, Texas." Glazer, a Jewish heiress, depleted her inheritance to save the mostly-poor minority community in which she lived. She had the financial resources to leave the community, but chose instead to stay with the community and fight.

The Black community came to Glazer asking for guidance in rededicating their ancestral cemetery and in gaining access to visiting the site located on American Ecology property. Glazer found a federal law prohibiting people from being barred access to a cemetery. American Ecology now leaves the gate unlocked to allow the community to visit Lott Cemetery.

Glazer utilizes innovative and bold strategies to further the cause of MOSES. She created Wasted Babies® as a project to help educate the public about Winona's problems and to prevent them from ever happening again anywhere else.

To this day, Glazer conducts her environmental crusade from her home and has established MOSES' new headquarters in Dallas, Texas. She continues to meet with government officials and the media and makes television appearances. A Danish film crew recently traveled to Winona to document her courageous efforts. Phyllis Glazer is a truly remarkable woman.

© 1995 Phyllis Glazer in action at the Environmental Justice March