The Hoyne Family

Originally from Ireland, the Hoynes moved to Winona, their new-found Ireland, to build their dream home and raise their family. They did not know that a commercial hazardous-waste facility was less than a mile from their home. Lillian, the mother and a registered nurse, did everything right with her pregnancy. Her son Douglas was born with a mutated chromosome 15, which causes severe learning disabilities. Doctors told them that it is one of the rarest chromosomal problems in the country. His family moved to Bellmore, New York, because it had the best school system for Douglas. The Hoynes have two other children. While I was visiting their home, the youngest looked at me and said, "Texas scares me."

Douglas was found dead in his bed at home by his parents on the morning of May 24, 2000.

© 1996 Douglas Hoyne, age 13, Bellmore, New York