The Cooper and Jones Families

Jamesia Cooper and Bianca Jones are cousins living in Winona, Texas. They both were conceived in Winona. Jamesia was conceived less than two miles from the facility. Jamesia suffers from albinism, has respiratory problems, and is photosensitive. Bianca suffers from an undiagnosable skin disorder that leaves her skin splotchy and very dry. Her grandmother told me that many doctors have prescribed different treatments for Bianca's skin disorder, but they do nothing more than burn her skin. Bianca also suffers from respiratory problems.

On the day I photographed Jamesia, her grandmother Georgia Jones told me that Jamesia would not be able to go on the school field trip to the zoo the next day, because she is photosensitive and burns very easily in the hot East Texas sun. Georgia Jones is a supporter of MOSES, and she frequently participates in its different activities.

In 1995, the mothers and grandmothers of MOSES began making Wasted Babies®. The handmade dolls are symbols of Winona's plight, and are given to the media and public officials and sold to the public to help garner support. The card attached to the doll reads: "The doll is modest... may be light or dark.... The doll is not a toy to be played with and discarded -- neither are the children your doll symbolizes."

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