Environmental Justice, Restoration, and Sustainability
in Africa

June 30 to July 2, 2011


An International Conference at University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria

The Environmental Ethics Unit in the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, Akoka-Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with the Center for Environmental Philosophy (CEP) in the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, University of North Texas (UNT), located in Denton, Texas, United States will hold its second annual conference (the first was at UNT, Denton, Texas in May 2010) on “Environmental Justice, Restoration, and Sustainability in Africa.”

Abstracts should be sent to the conference coordinator Dr. Chigbo Ekwealo at cekwealo@unilag.edu.ng by May 10, 2011. The conference welcomes papers, reports, and presentations from academicians, civil societies, government, et cetera. It strongly encourages papers of inter-, multi-disciplinary perspective that contain theoretical and practical answers reflective of the conference theme. Papers from other African perspectives that address the theme of the conference will be considered. Papers will be considered for a special issue of Environmental Ethics, the first journal devoted to environmental ethics.

Africans, like the Greek and Western philosophers, identified fire, air, earth (land), and water as the contact agents in existence. They evolved principles and values with which to relate to these elements such that while enabling and furthering human existence and living, these agents would also be sustained. Unfortunately, as a result of non-altruistic theories and actions, these natural resources are either endangered or polluted. Over population, urbanization with its negative survivalist effects has created environmental imbalances and human injustices making the need for justice, restoration, and sustainability inevitable. Other human actions have also continued to create survivalist responses which do not translate into positive effects in the long-run. In Africa, these common problems have been responded to with general and universal principles which because of their inevitable metaphysical bias may not work for the African environment in the long run. Africa therefore needs principles (theories) and actions that take into consideration their peculiar mind-set, history, and culture to provide an authentic base for genuine environmental and human restoration.

The conference registration fee is $100 or N15,000.00 (Naira) which includes all program materials, lunch for two days and the Saturday night banquet. There will be free transportation (to and from) the airport to the university as well as the lodging area which is within one kilometer of the university campus.

Questions should be directed to the Conference Coordinator Dr. Chigbo Ekwealo (cekwealo@unilag.edu.ng) or Dr. Gene Hargrove, Director of CEP (hargrove@unt.edu). Website: http://www.cep.unt.edu/africa.

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