Seventh Annual Meeting on
Environmental Philosophy

June 8 to 11, 2010

Sponsored by

 International Society for Environmental Ethics



 International Association for Environmental Philosophy

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Conference Program

Seventh Annual Meeting on Environmental Philosophy

June 8 to 11, 2010

Allenspark, Colorado


6pm: Dinner

7-9pm: Keynote Speaker

“Jane Austen vs. Climate Economics”
Stephen Gardiner (University of Washington)


8:15am: Breakfast

9am-11:45am: Knowledge and Values

Becky Rosenthal (University of Tennessee), “Environmental Epistemology and Epicurus”
Commentator: Arthur Morton (Saint Xavier University)

Ken Shockley (SUNY-Buffalo) “Thinning our Ethical Concepts: Thick Evaluative Concepts and Environmental Value”
Commentator: Wayne Ouderkirk (Empire State College)

John Nolt (University of Tennesee), “Anthropocentrism and Egoism”
Commentator: Darren Domsky (Texas A&M)

12pm: Lunch

12:30-2pm: Landscape and Conservation

Martin Drenthen (Radboud University), “New Nature Narratives”
Commentator: Sam Cocks (University of Wisconsin)

Joseph Keulartz (Wageningen University), “Beyond Mastery?
Commentator: Don Maier (Independent Scholar)

Wednesday afternoon free: some walks will be organized

5-6pm ISEE Annual Business Meeting

6pm: Dinner

6:30-8:30pm: The Future of Environmental Philosophy in the Light of Global Climate Change

Allen Thompson (Clemson University), “From the Preservation of Nature to the Adaptation of Life”
Nathan Kowalsky (St Joseph’s College, University of Alberta), “A Climate of Symptoms, Ethics and Cures”
Avram Hiller (Portland State University), “Climate Change and Individual Responsibility”
Matt Ferkany (Michigan State University), “Climate Change and Environmental Virtue Education”
Toby Svoboda (Penn State University), “The Ethics of Geoengineering”

8:30-9:30pm: Aesthetics, Literature, and Environment
Chair: Tom Thorp (Saint Xavier University)

Ned Hettinger (University of Charleston), “Evaluating Positive Aesthetics”
Commentator: John Fisher (University of Colorado)


8:15am: Breakfast

9am-11:45am: Sustainability
Chair: William Grove-Fanning (University of North Texas)

William Throop (Green Mountain College), “Strengthening Social Sustainability Virtues”
Commentator: Allen Habib (University of Calgary)

Christian Becker (Penn State University), “Sustainability Ethics”
Commentator: Allen Habib (University of Calgary)

Ben Hale (University of Colorado), "Undoing and Disallowing"
Commentator: Eric Brandstedt (Lund University)

12pm: Lunch

12:30-2pm: Environmental Ethics in Africa

Kevin Behrens (University of Johannesburg), “Should Baobab Trees Have Standing? African Environmentalism and Moral Considerability”
Commentator: Tama Weisman (Dominican University)

Evelyn Brister (Rochester Institute of Technology), “Gorillas in the Fog: Epistemological Obstacles to Collaborative Environmental Problem Solving”
Commentator: William Grove-Fanning (University of North Texas)

Thursday afternoon free

7pm: Conference dinner at Dunraven Inn, Estes Park
Registration and additional payment required. For anyone choosing to stay at the Highlands Center, dinner is at 6pm.


9am-12pm: Environmental Virtue Ethics
(Because some people have to leave for afternoon flights, we will continue with papers through coffee.)

Matt Barker (University of Wisconsin), “A Challenge and Proposal for Inclusive Environmental Virtue”
Commentator: Matt Ferkany (Michigan State University)

David Clowney (Rowan University), “Four Environmental Virtues”
Commentator: Phil Cafaro (Colorado State University)

Dustin Nelson (University of Tennesee), “Outlining A Future for Environmental Virtue Ethics: Anthropocentric vs Non-Anthropocentric Approaches to Environmental Virtue”
Commentator: Phil Cafaro (Colorado State University)

Paul Haught (Christian Brothers University), “Environmental Virtues and Environmental Justice”
Commentator: Lisa Gerber (University of New Mexico)

Chris Frakes (University of Colorado), “Environmental Degradation, Environmental Justice and the Compassionate Agent”
Commentator: Lisa Gerber (University of New Mexico)

12:15pm: Lunch and conference close

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